Dale Myler Seminar and Clinic Schedule

“All learning starts in the same place: the mind. Get the mind relaxed and focused, and the rest will follow.” – Dale Myler

Dale Myler and his brothers Ron and Bob are third generation horsemen, and are three of the world’s leading bit designers. Dale’s extensive research into equine dentistry and physiology has evolved our understanding of not only the mechanics of bits but also how they can contribute to the communication between horse and rider. Their unique designs focus on mentally relaxing horses so the rider can achieve more effective communication.
Known for his kind and thoughtful approach, Dale is motivated by a genuine desire to improve the relationship between horse and rider. He has done bitting clinics and seminars all over the US and around the world: Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Wales, England, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, Poland, Switzerland and Austria. He speaks at expos and for many organizations, as well as conducts private clinics and seminars.

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