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Our Mission
The creators of Myler bits - Ron, Dale and Bob Myler - offer a philosophy behind each of their bits. The bits are designed to establish communication between the rider’s hands and the horse with the least amount of resistance. The bit is a communication TOOL.  To effectively communicate with your horse, your horse must be RELAXED.  If your horse is resistant, your horse is not effectively receiving your message. The key to properly bitting any horse is to find the mouthpiece the horse can relax into, with the hands that are holding it.

Myler bits cover a wide range of bitting needs, from start to finish, for Western, English and Driving disciplines.  Sizes include minis, light horses, mules and draft horses.

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Myler Bits - Bitting Questionnaire

Filling out our bitting questionnaire will give us a better understanding of your horse's problem(s) and will help us give you the best possible recommendation.

Myler Bit questionaire
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8. The last time your horses teeth were checked by a Vet. or equine dentist ?
9. Do you show or ride for pleasure?
10. What bits have you used on your horse?
11. Which bit encouraged the best response from your horse?
12. Which bit resulted in the least favorable response?
13. Describe your horses temperament ?
14. What changes would you like to see in your horse?
15. Describe your level/years experience.